Targeted Industries

The Cedar Valley Region of Iowa is a leader in advanced manufacturing, logistics, agriculture based biotechnology, information technology and entrepreneurial development.

Innovation and growth are supported by the Region’s connections to university research and technology resources. The area’s physical and intellectual infrastructure, workforce knowledge and skills, along with a positive business climate that offers features a right-to-work state, are driving continued growth of this all of our targeted industries in the Cedar Valley.

Advanced Manufacturing

The Cedar Valley Region of Iowa features many diverse advanced manufacturing companies that supply products domestically and around the globe. Both private and publicly held companies in the fields of agriculture equipment, food production, industrial equipment, automotive supply chain and textiles employ nearly one-fifth of the region’s workforce.

Leading Advanced Manufacturers in the Cedar Valley Region

The current Cedar Valley Region of Iowa Laborshed Study.

Logistics and Material Handling

The Cedar Valley Region’s central U.S. location provides logistics-sensitive businesses with efficient connections to key Midwestern, national and international markets by truck, rail and air.

Leading Logistics Operations in the Cedar Valley Region

Food Processing

The Cedar Valley Region is situated in the bread basket of the United States, and has some of the country’s leading food processing companies.

Leading Food Processing Companies in the Cedar Valley Region

Agro-Based Biotechnology

The Cedar Valley Region is situated in the heart of a great biomass supply area. A skilled workforce, supportive business climate and strong research and technology resources make the Region at the center of innovation and commercialization of the bio-economy that includes ethanol and wind energy production.

Leading Bioproduction Firms in the Cedar Valley Region

Information Technology

The Cedar Valley Region has become a fast-growing hub for information technology-intensive businesses including administrative data and processing centers, data storage and recovery operations, software and internet developers, insurance, financial services, health-related and professional services firms.

Leading Information Technology Firms in the Cedar Valley Region

Entrepreneurial Development

The region also has a growing entrepreneurial and innovations cluster supported by the University of Northern Iowa Regional Business Center (RBC), a one-stop shop for the region’s entrepreneurs. The Center offers technical, financial and support services through classes, counseling and a business resource library. Available to both new and veteran entrepreneurs, the RBC can connect them to resources that will help them succeed in their endeavors.

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