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posted on 9/8/2017 in Buildings & Sites

Many of the communities located in the Cedar Valley Region have available buildings as well as developed industrial parks to meet your company needs. For example, New Hampton’s newest industrial park features complete infrastructure and is strategically located adjacent to four-lane U.S. Highway 63 North.

The site has 140 acres ready for development and is zoned multi-purpose, which allows for a mix of commercial and industrial businesses. Suppliers for the site include, New Hampton Municipal Light and Butler County REC (electric); Black Hills Energy (natural gas); and Windstream (telecommunications services). The park is located only 45 minutes from commercial air service and Interstate 35. The park has been designated as a tax increment finance area and is in city limits. It is owned and operated by the New Hampton Industrial Development Corporation and New Hampton offers same day permitting.

The City of New Hampton has a municipally-owned water system that serves the South Industrial Park. Waste water plant capacity is 2.3 million gallons per day and the water tower storage capacity is 800,000 gallons.

To better serve its customers, the City completed a major expansion of its wastewater treatment facility. The project expanded the capacity of the treatment system by approximately 50 percent, as well as greatly enhancing the efficiency of the treatment process. The wastewater treatment plant's daily flow is 600,000 to 700,000 gallons and the design flow is 2.3 million gallons per day. For more information and rates, visit the City of New Hampton's Utilities Page.

The City of New Hampton owns and operates an electric generation, transmission and distribution system. Businesses located in the community and the South Industrial Park benefit from the City's highly competitive commercial and industrial rates. For more information and rates, visit the City of New Hampton's Utilities Page.

The community is also served by two Rural Electric Cooperatives (REC) – Butler County REC and Hawkeye Tri-County REC. The RECs provide an impressive array of business development and energy-related services to meet the unique needs of the businesses they serve, including low-interest loans to qualified applicants, distribution and transmission reliability, energy efficiency audits, back-up generation, and engineering/site location assistance.

This industrial park is completely ready for your company to start building. Our newest industry was able to go from green field to state-of-the-art foundry in less than 11 months. For more information please visit:


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