News - 2017

  • 2018 Brings Positive Changes for Iowa Employers

    posted 9/20/2017 in Featured Articles

    Iowa employers will see some positive changes at the start of 2018. Beginning January 1, Iowa employers will see unemployment insurance taxes decrease an average of 1.5 percent on 2018 wages. The decrease is a result of the strength of the unemployment insurance trust fund, unemployment contributory wages and target levels of the unemployment insurance contributory wages. Yearly rates are determined by a formula.

  • Menards Cross-Dock Distribution Center

    posted 9/8/2017 in Projects

    Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based national home-improvement retailer Menards recently completed construction of a new cross-dock distribution center adjacent to the company's Midwest manufacturing plant near Shell Rock, Iowa, in Butler County.

  • New Hampton Industrial Park South

    posted 9/8/2017 in Buildings & Sites

    Many of the communities located in the Cedar Valley Region have available buildings as well as developed industrial parks to meet your company needs. For example, New Hampton's newest industrial park features complete infrastructure and is strategically located adjacent to four-lane U.S. Highway 63 North.

  • CVRP: Leaders in the Regional Approach to Economic Development

    posted 9/8/2017 in Featured Articles

    The Cedar Valley Regional Partnership takes an integrated approach to helping new companies from the initial site location search through site selection, start-up, and ongoing operation. The Cedar Valley Regional Partnership is unique in its relationships – partners see each other not as competitors but as collaborators. The CVRP is a one-stop-shop for companies wanting to locate or expand to the region and will partner with them and lead them through the process from start to finish.

  • Why Cedar Valley?

    posted 4/19/2017 in Featured Articles

    Why Cedar Valley? Low Energy Costs

  • Who is the CVRP?

    posted 4/19/2017 in Featured Articles

    Iowa is currently in a period of remarkable growth, largely in response to our growing reputation for business expansion, livability, and workforce. The Cedar Valley Regional Partnership enables businesses to make the most of those opportunities within the Cedar Valley region, offering confidential site selection services in Northeast Iowa.

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