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posted on 9/8/2017 in Featured Articles

The Cedar Valley Regional Partnership takes an integrated approach to helping new companies from the initial site location search through site selection, start-up, and ongoing operation. The Cedar Valley Regional Partnership is unique in its relationships – partners see each other not as competitors but as collaborators. The CVRP is a one-stop-shop for companies wanting to locate or expand to the region and will partner with them and lead them through the process from start to finish. They do this by advocating for companies, clearing the path so that their project can move efficiently through the process from site selection and permitting to accessing incentives and workforce services, as well as ongoing support through their existing business programs once the business is established in the region.

The CVRP provides seamless one-stop assistance, which includes, but is not limited to:

Identification of Industrial and Commercial Real Estate

The Cedar Valley of Iowa Region maintains a list of available industrial and commercial buildings in the Region along with developers who have or are planning industrial spec construction in the coming year. Your company can consider the Region your one-stop resource for identifying available real estate. We offer a wide range of sites, both urban and rural, with various amenities.


We will coordinate a group dedicated to workforce recruitment, training, and related preparation, including providing local support to a company’s human resources officials. Services may include:

  • Informational job availability meeting(s) in the Region
  • Private interview space provided at no cost
  • Training team visit to similar operation to understand training needs (foreign or domestic)
  • Pre-qualification of applicants
  • Training of production and administration staff
  • Access to social media and online platforms that already exist in the Region to promote the company and advertise positions available


The Region will coordinate and complete the necessary paperwork for applying for and ensuring the company receives the local and state incentives offered. The Region will act as the company’s advocate to ensure maximum benefit to the company for the initial construction and future expansion plans as an existing business. The Region will identify your project parameters and prepare a comprehensive proposal of applicable state and local assistance available.

Ongoing Support

The Region will continue their support once the company is established, through our ongoing existing business support programs.

To learn more about the CVRP and our integrated approach to helping new companies in our Region, contact us here.


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