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  • Cedar Valley Wage and Benefit Survey

    posted 5/25/2021 in Featured Articles

    The Cedar Valley Regional Partnership, in partnership with the University of Northern Iowa, will be conducting a regional wage and benefit survey in May 2021.

  • Manufacturing 4.0

    posted 5/25/2021 in Featured Articles

    As business and industry evolve at an ever-increasing pace, the next wave of change in the form of digitalization and automation, known as “Industry 4.0,” will require new processes for businesses and new skills for employees.

  • Business as Usual… during Unusual Times

    posted 9/22/2020 in Featured Articles

    Like many communities throughout Iowa, the Cedar Valley has experienced its share of challenges due to the economic impacts of Covid-19. While we have become familiar with the daily stories of unemployment, businesses closing doors and the strain on local economies, the Cedar Valley remains united, adaptable, and resilient.

  • Lincoln Saving Bank Purchase Top Three Floors of John Deere Tractor Company

    posted 11/22/2019 in Featured Articles

    Lincoln Savings Bank today announced the pending purchase of the top three floors of the historic John Deere Tractor Company R Building iin Waterloo, IA

  • 2019 Cedar Valley Region Laborshed Released

    posted 8/29/2019 in Featured Articles

    A Laborshed is much like a watershed. However, instead of documenting water sources into a lake or basin it documents labor sources traveling to a particular employment center for work.

  • Ocwen Mortgage Services Closing

    Ocwen Mortgage Services Closing

    posted 5/28/2019 in Featured Articles

    Ocwen Financial Corp., which services residential and commercial mortgage loans, announced last week it would close six of its 10 domestic offices, including Waterloo, according to Dico Akseraylian, Ocwen senior vice president of corporate communications.

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