Who is the CVRP?

posted on 4/19/2017 in Featured Articles

Who is the CVRP?

Iowa is currently in a period of remarkable growth, largely in response to our growing reputation for business expansion, livability, and workforce. The Cedar Valley Regional Partnership enables businesses to make the most of those opportunities within the Cedar Valley region, offering confidential site selection services in Northeast Iowa.

Where is the Cedar Valley Region of Iowa?

The Cedar Valley Region encompasses Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Chickasaw, and Grundy counties in Northeast Iowa. The region is within a day’s drive of most major cities in the Midwest, only 180 miles south of Minneapolis/St. Paul, 265 miles west of Chicago, and 315 miles northeast of Kansas City. The CVRP works to develop a more effective environment for:


The unique location of the Cedar Valley Region makes it ideal for a number of industries, especially those which require low operational costs while maintaining ease of access to major metropolitan areas. For this reason, the major private employers of the Cedar Valley are from industry sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, food processing, finance, agricultural technology, and information solutions. These companies include John Deere, Nestle USA, Tyson, Con Agra Foods, Inc., Ryder Integrated Logistics, Jack Henry, and Scientific Gaming, to name a few.


Iowa is a right-to-work state. The high quality of living contributes to a better, more effective workforce for businesses in the area. The Cedar Valley Region population totals 236,038 with a potential draw of 394,944 people. Organized labor isn't a concern; worker/employee relationships are quite amicable within the state and the Cedar Valley.


Taxes in Iowa and the Cedar Valley region, in particular, are geared towards incentivizing economic development. Iowa’s Corporate Income Tax is based on a single factor non-unitary tax formula. Tax is levied only on the net income derived from sales within Iowa. There is also no personal property (inventory) tax and manufacturing equipment and inventory are exempt from sales/use tax. In addition, local and state business incentives are available to assist with business expansion. Click here to learn more about the tax structure for Iowa Businesses.


Iowa leads the country in wind energy generation and comes in close behind the top competition for low commercial gas and electricity costs. Fiber to the premise exists in several Cedar Valley communities. Other communities can offer fiber connectivity within 90 days. In addition, the Cedar Valley Aquifer has significant capacity to produce water far in excess of current withdrawal rates.


Perhaps one of the most enticing aspects of relocation or expansion within Cedar Valley lies in the quality of life offered to residents. Iowa, as a whole, regularly enters the top ten states for families, offering safe neighborhoods, effective schools, and plenty of amenities with a reasonable cost of living. Waverly and Cedar Falls ranked in the top 13 safest cities in Iowa by Motovo and the Cedar Valley ranked no. 15 for the fastest growing construction market by professionalbuilders.com. Given the importance of quality of life to modern economic development, the CVRP has worked to support the development of excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and abundant opportunities for families in the area.

Parting Thoughts

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities available through the Cedar Valley Regional Partnership, or you’d like to find out more about recent developments and projects within the Cedar Valley region, visit www.cedarvalleyregion.com today. Read up on entrepreneurial development, our relationships with various partners in the area, and living in the Cedar Valley region. 


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