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  • Business as Usual… during Unusual Times

    posted 9/22/2020 in Featured Articles

    Like many communities throughout Iowa, the Cedar Valley has experienced its share of challenges due to the economic impacts of Covid-19. While we have become familiar with the daily stories of unemployment, businesses closing doors and the strain on local economies, the Cedar Valley remains united, adaptable, and resilient.

  • Allerton Brewery to Open in Independence

    posted 9/22/2020 in Projects

    Another brick is being laid into the wall needed to build a thriving community, and the Buchanan County Economic Development Commission (BCEDC) is providing mortar to ensure the wall stands strong. The Allerton Brewing Company in Independence is that brick, and they are moving towards an autumn opening.

  • $22.5 Million Light Plant and 100% Fiber Network poise New Hampton, IA for Growth

    posted 9/22/2020 in Projects

    New Hampton's Municipal Light Plant is investing $22.5 million in the City's electrical and telecommunications infrastructure. The investment will address needed improvements to the city's electrical system and will start up a municipal-owned telecommunications utility. The New Hampton Municipal Utility (NHMU) will provide local service for internet, phone and television.

  • The New and Easy Way to Compare Cost of Living

    The New and Easy Way to Compare Cost of Living

    posted 5/28/2019 in Featured Articles

    We are proud of the affordable cost of living in the Cedar Valley, while offering many of the same opportunities that large cities provide.

  • Live the Valley

    Live the Valley

    posted 9/19/2018 in Featured Articles

    Cedar Valley Regional Partnership Showcases How to "Live the Valley"

  • Why Iowa?

    Why Iowa?

    posted 9/19/2018 in Featured Articles

    Economic Opportunity Helps Make Iowa the Best State

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