Allerton Brewery to Open in Independence

posted on 9/22/2020 in Projects

Allerton Brewing Company

Another brick is being laid into the wall needed to build a thriving community, and the Buchanan County Economic Development Commission (BCEDC) is providing mortar to ensure the wall stands strong.   The Allerton Brewing Company in Independence is that brick, and they are moving towards an autumn opening.

Their brewery will have a positive economic impact on all of Buchanan County. Studies show that the craft brewery industry contributed $79.1 billion to the U.S. economy in 2018 and generated 560,000 jobs. Allerton Brewery owners Lucas Gray and Brandon Mikel are committed to making quality beer and they want to have a positive economic and social impact on Independence and Buchanan County.  To quote Chris Creech, owner of the Glass Jug in Durham, NC, “Craft breweries are not just brewing beer to make a profit; they are using their craft and their influence to impact the communities in which they live.”

The BCEDC is a nonprofit economic development organization whose mission is facilitate economic and social development in Buchanan County. The BCEDC offers low-interest loans to help establish and grow businesses.  Recognizing that the Allerton Brewing Company will have a positive impact on our communities, the BCEDC awarded them a low-interest loan. BCEDC Treasurer Terry Toale explained, “Loans are offered at 3% interest and there is 6-month grace period before the 1st payment is due and before amortization kicks in. This allows companies to establish a positive cash-flow and helps ensure business success. We are pleased to be able to help the Allerton Brewing Company get established.”

Allerton Brewery owners Brandon Mikel and Lucas Gray expressed their appreciation for the loan, “We know that we make good beer and we understand there is an untapped market for good craft beer in the Independence area.  Our business plan calls for a gradual expansion of our operations and the terms of the BCEDC loan enables us to comfortably grow.  We anticipate opening later this fall and we look forward to providing quality beer to our community for many years to come.”

The Allerton Brewing Company is located at 110 1st Street East in Independence. The brewery offers a large outdoor covered deck that overlooks the Wapsie Mill and river. The interior features the original flooring and the exposed 1871 brick wall.  Businesses interested in securing a BCEDC low-interest loan can call 319-334-7497 or email


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