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  • Broadband in the Cedar Valley: Fast Speeds. Low Latency. Reliability. Local Service

    posted 4/13/2022 in Featured Articles

    For businesses that rely on access to the Internet, not only are high speeds, low latency, and reliability important, but also the customer service that keeps this vital service operational 24 hours a day.

  • $22.5 Million Light Plant and 100% Fiber Network poise New Hampton, IA for Growth

    posted 9/22/2020 in Projects

    New Hampton's Municipal Light Plant is investing $22.5 million in the City's electrical and telecommunications infrastructure. The investment will address needed improvements to the city's electrical system and will start up a municipal-owned telecommunications utility. The New Hampton Municipal Utility (NHMU) will provide local service for internet, phone and television.

  • Who is the CVRP?

    posted 4/19/2017 in Featured Articles

    Iowa is currently in a period of remarkable growth, largely in response to our growing reputation for business expansion, livability, and workforce. The Cedar Valley Regional Partnership enables businesses to make the most of those opportunities within the Cedar Valley region, offering confidential site selection services in Northeast Iowa.

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