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posted on 4/19/2017 in Projects

The Cedar Valley Region, like many areas in Northeast Iowa, has seen a recent boom in development. Businesses, families, and investors have all turned their eyes to the state in response to its remarkable advantages in location, energy costs, and livability. CMI Roadbuilding Inc., has recently become one of these businesses, selecting the Cedar Valley Region as the home of its new major manufacturing location.

CMI Roadbuilding, based in Oklahoma City, OK, once held a position of prominence within the road building and construction equipment industries. In order to recapture its position in those industries, CMI announced the acquisition of a 310,000 sq. ft. facility on 48 acres in Waverly, Iowa.

CMI Roadbuilding has begun work to repurpose the Waverly facility to serve as the foundation for a new growth effort, as described by company president Glenn Dalby.

"This facility will be the foundation for returning our extensive portfolio of legacy products to the position of prominence it once held in the construction equipment and roadbuilding industries,” Dalby stated.

The move comes alongside a revision and update of a product range including paving equipment, specialty compaction equipment, milling equipment, and asphalt and concrete plants. The Cedar Valley region offers ease of access to every other major city and transportation artery of the wider Midwest, making it of particular value to a roadway and construction manufacturer.

Charlie Threapleton, operations director at CMI Roadbuilding, had this to say about doing business in the Cedar Valley: “Although CMI Roadbuilding has its head office and distribution operations established in Oklahoma City, the strength of the manufacturing capability within Iowa has long been recognized. In fact, the origins of CMI rest in Cedar Rapids when Iowa Manufacturing Company started manufacturing Asphalt Plants in 1927. As such, it was entirely logical to seek to establish a manufacturing base within the state and region. The acquisition of the former Terex Cranes facility within Waverly presented an excellent opportunity to establish such an operation to meet the company’s growing needs within a rapidly expanding business. This has been further enhanced by the strength of the infrastructure, transportation links, and amenities available within Waverly itself, not to mention the resource pool and skill-set of potential employees available within the locality of the city. Both the State of Iowa and, more importantly, the City of Waverly have offered great support to facilitate the startup of operations, including assistance with infrastructure planning, recruitment, and training support. The stability of the utilities available, including an impressive Gigabit broadband service, have served to add value to the decision to select Waverly for CMI Roadbuilding’s future manufacturing operations.”

Production at the newly acquired facility is expected to begin in 2017, joining many other new projects in the area.

CMI Roadbuilding Inc., is only one of the many businesses which have chosen the rich environment of the Cedar Valley Region for large projects. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available in the Cedar Valley Region, or would like to inquire about potential assistance in expanding or relocating to the Cedar Valley of Iowa, visit today. 


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