Vocational Agriculture/Industrial Technology Building

posted on 11/22/2019 in Projects

The New Hampton Community School District recently partnered with local businesses, industries, community members, and a community college to expand Vocational Opportunities for its students and community members. The district recently completed a Vocational Agriculture/Industrial Technology Center that will allow its students to explore options in Welding, Machining, Carpentry, Foundry work, Precision farming, and other related areas. The community under the leadership of the New Hampton FFA Alumni Group did a $270,000 fundraising campaign that allowed the district to double the size of the proposed facility. This extra space has been a great asset to our overall education plan.

In order to make this happen, the district received financial contributions from individuals, businesses and industries and two very large investments from ATEK Industries and Northeast Iowa Community College. In addition, ATEK Industries has committed to assisting the district in setting up a Foundry Class in which employees of ATEK Industries will co-teach with school district staff so that a real-world hands-on experience is provided the students. In addition, the foundry students will spend some of their class time in the ATEK Factory working on production work as they enhance their foundry skills. This teaching partnership between ATEK and the district students and staff is something the district hopes to expand to other industries in the future. The students will gain valuable experience that may lead to future employment or assist in their future career decision-making.

Northeast Iowa Community College also made a significant investment in this facility. They are currently working with the district to look at pre-apprenticeship and certificate opportunities so our students will have other post-secondary choices when they graduate high school. In addition, the College is also looking to use the facility for local industry training and potential adult classes to help our community members upgrade their skills.

This facility demonstrates the district’s commitment to making sure it’s meeting the needs of all of its graduates. There are great opportunities for students who aren’t looking for a traditional four-year college degree. This facility will help the students see what those opportunities are and what it takes to be successful in them.

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