Industrial Water – Supply and Cost: Cedar Valley Aquifer

posted on 3/5/2018 in Featured Articles

Many drinking water agencies are developing conservation plans because of the stress they’ve seen on their water system over the years. The Cedar Valley Aquifer hasn’t seen that stress. The water supply in the Cedar Valley of Iowa is both high-quantity and high-quality.

The Cedar Valley Aquifer taps deep into the Devonian Cedar Valley Limestone aquifer. The underground reserve is capable of releasing up to 4,000 gallons of water per minute. The aquifer acts as its own natural filtration system.

Starting off with naturally-filtered water is a good thing, as opposed to surface waters which are susceptible to any type of runoff. The only treatment is chlorine, and sometimes fluoride, which keeps prices low. This high-quality water supply has iron content averaging 0.09 mg/L, ranking some Cedar Valley communities among the lowest in the state of Iowa and the United States.

Further, the Cedar Valley Aquifer recharge levels have not been affected by drought and over-pumpage. The aquifer will be able to handle significant additional demand for the coming generations.


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